Diamondback Sortie Black: Parts Round 2 (Drivetrain)

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      The big question here for me was SRAM or SHIMANO? I’ve been riding Shimano on my Trance and really have no serious complaints. When I first started thinking about what I was going to do with the drivetrain on my Sortie I was dead-set on Shimano and was looking at either SLX or XT. BUT, with all this 2×10 talk going on nowadays it got me thinkin’. I started reading some of the threads here and talking to some friends and of course posted the SRAM vs. Shimano thread and finally decided on SRAM and going X9.


      Shimano has been the big player for so long and has such a loyal following I feel like I’m going to the dark side! When I told some of my riding buds I was putting SRAM 2×10 on the Sortie they were like, "Oh..hmmm!", or "Really!" Nonetheless, I was stoked about it. As I mentioned, I was riding Shimano on my Trance, it’s 3×9 and I ALWAYS rode my middle ring. Not to long ago one of my buds told me to start riding my big ring more and I’ll be faster. So I did. After the first few rides, which were a bitch, I really started liking it. I found the big ring to be much smoother and acceleration is greater. So I figured I need try 2×10. I almost went with 1×9, but in the end thought lets do this one step at a time.


      As you can see, the components look tight. Since I’m trying to go with the black and white theme, I was thrilled to find the X9 crank and rear derailleur both come in black and white, which I think is gonna look pimp with the white graphics on the bike and the white saddle, fork, grips, and brakes I bought for it.


      I’m pretty damn anxious to ride this bad boy. Hopefully I’ll have it built and ready to roll before the end of March, well see! In the mean time, look for the next post, Brakes, Wheels, and some other misc.

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      Dude, I think they sent you the wrong rear derailleur, it’s a 6X! 😆

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      😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 Hilarious!

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      Those new parts look sick! Have fun!

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      Jealous….. 😈 😆

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