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      Hey everyone! I am brand new to the forum and had a couple of questions! I have done a lot of research, read through the forums and postings here and elsewhere, and of course Diamondback has very mixed reviews. I’ve heard the whole, they aren’t real bikes, poor quality control, yada yada yada. I’m not really interested in the bashing but more you’re thoughts on the build quality, how it will hold up, and what you would suggest it for terrain wise.
      So I looked at the Diamondback Overdrive Carbon Comp 29nr, the current model listed on their website. Of course like many others I am steered this way due to a LARGE corporate discount. The parts list looks really good and to get a full carbon frame for sub $1,500 seems very enticing.
      My riding skills are end of novice, beginning of intermediate, as I rode BMX for years before (but I’m looking for something to grow into). I live in the MidAtlantic region and will be doing some technical singletracks, maybe a bit of time up in Vermont, but no downhill and no big jumps ot drops. I’m not a professional, don’t plan to be, and just know I’m going to be very passionate about riding.
      So lets get your thoughts on what seems to be a really nice bike! Thanks everyone!

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      A friend of mine who just got back into riding bought the alloy Overdrive Comp. Components are pretty much the same. It’s got pretty good XC geometry, a stable wheel base, a decent tubeless ready wheel set (nearly every stock wheel set I’ve dealt with has been garbage), Shimano hydro disc brakes, and the Sram NX 1 x 11 drive train. Incidentally, I’ve got the same drive train on my Niner trail bike. So far I’ve found the Sram NX gets by, but I haven’t been blown away, not yet at least. Still, it’s far from the worst drive train on the market, I know that for sure.

      It should be able to handle everything short of double black diamond downhill runs. I wouldn’t say it’s not a real bike. The Overdrive has decent components and seems to be legitimate. There seem to be some pretty killer deals on this bike right now (take from that what you will). From what I’ve seen and from what my friend has said, it seems to be a pretty solid bike. That’s my $0.02 anyway.

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        Awesome, that’s the kind of stuff I’m looking for! I appreciate the input. Im currently riding a 2013 Overdrive 29nr, a Craigslist buy, that I’m enjoying a lot but I know I will outgrow soon.
        I went into my LBS and mistakenly asked this same question while buying a new chain and they instantly began bashing anything associated with the name. They said the carbon build was cheap, etc. but when I asked for real world examples they had absolutely none! Go figure!!

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      I think Diamondback has a bad reputation because most people only have experience with their $500 bikes. Of course a $500 bike isn’t going to be great–that’s why it only costs $500!

      The higher-end Diamondback models are priced fairly; as with most brands, you get what you pay for. But since you get a discount, you’re getting MORE than you pay for, so I say go for it.

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        I was in the same thought process as you Jeff. I tried to look at it objectively, Hyundai makes and Elantra and an Equus. One is 13k the other is 65k, so just because they make an inexpensive car doesn’t mean the expensive one is in the same category. I would assume bikes would be similar, you create multiple products to cover a broad market share, nothing wrong with that.



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      That’s a good price for a carbon bike, but the frame material shouldn’t be your main/only criteria in selecting a bike. The Overdrive has very old school XC race geometry. Which is all well and good, if you’re racing XC.

      I would urge you to check out some of the other models, particularly the Sync’r Pro. It’s got 27.5″ wheels, 130mm of travel, good trail geometry, and much better parts on it. The fork is much much nicer, the drivetrain is nicer, the brakes are better, the tires are better, AND it has a dropper post.

      What it doesn’t have is a carbon frame. Even with a “budget” brand like Diamondback, you have to pay a hefty premium for the carbon frame itself. So in order to hit a certain price point, they spec less expensive components. Frame material is not the end all be all. Carbon is nice, but I’d go for the better components over a carbon frame every time.

      Think about how/where you ride. If you’re racing then maybe the Overdrive is a good bike for you, but if not, a bike like the Sync’r will make you more confident and faster on the trail, and therefore you’ll have more fun!

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        Aaron, in regards to my riding style its mainly just pleasure, not professional or a subclass of that. I currently have an Overdrive 29nr, 2013, that was a sweet little Craigslist buy and am looking to upgrade for something I can grow into. I enjoy the size of the bike, but I can understand where you are coming from in regards to geometry, uses, and components. I took a look at the Sync’r Pro and also the Mason Comp and Mason Pro. All 3 really seem to fit the bill for what I would be doing so I appreciate the suggestion.

        So far everyone here has been a lot more helpful than my LBS who instantly dismissed any questions I had about them!

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      I purchased the Overdrive carbon 29er from an individual who had sized himself wrong. It was never ridden when I got it. I loved it for the first 56 miles and then the chainstay cracked. The bike was never down. It was totally flawless… and cracked. I contacted Diamonback and explained the situation. I also sent pictures. They chose to do nothing because I was technically not the original owner. I guess they can do that. Big loss for me though. Not sure if I will part it out or try and slap on a carbon patch.


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      I have the carbon release 5c and love it, great build quality.  Name brands have never meant much to me.

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