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      I’m thinking about getting a diamondback outlook series, I was just wanting to know if any has any experiences with this, it’s right around my price range of $200-$250. I keep getting mixed reviews and can’t fully make up my mind. I’m not a hardcore rider, I just enjoy hitting the trails and going fast. I have a cheap mongoose from wal-mart and I think it’s time for an upgrade.

      Thanks in advance.

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      Honestly, It’s barely an upgrade from the Mongoose. A coworker has one, and crashed on his first "real" mountainbike ride with me. Plastic bits and pieces went flying everywhere, and he ended up with huge gashes in his legs. The shifter broke apart and the sharp plastic cut him up pretty bad.
      I’ve wrecked my Trek many times, and have yet to have any plastic shards imbed themselves into my body.
      Looking at it compare to his bike, I notice there isn’t much plastic at all. My shifters would get bent possible, but wouldn’t break. My break levers, shifters, etc. have met many trees with force, but still work perfectly, and obviously haven’t ever broke apart like that.
      I rode a Mongoose for a long time before getting the Trek. I rode it slowly and cautiously though since I recognized what I was riding, and wanted it to last at least until I got a higher end bike.

      My old target Pacific bike however, has seen lots of trail duty, and still does to this day as my loaner bike.
      We’re taking it down to the Brown County Breakdown next weekend for my wife to putt around on.
      It is over 15 years old though, from when department store bikes were built much better. It’s heavy, but tough.

      Bottom line. I’m not too impressed with the Diamondbacks they sell at Dicks sporting goods, etc.
      I’d hit up Craigslist and Ebay for a used Trek, Giant, Cannondale, etc… You can something pretty decent for your price range.

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      i got a used gt avalanche last year from one of the LBS here in town for 250$, so there is deals out there you just have to look around.

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      thanks for the info guys, I’ll go down to Bob’s Bike Shop (local bike shop) and check out what they have. My friend has a giant, it’s still kinda heavy but a lot lighter than my mongoose and he said he paid around $200 for it.

      thanks again!

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      I paid $150 used for my then 1 year old Specialized Rockhopper and rode it on the trails for 3 years. I still use it as my work commuter to this day. Good deals on solid bikes are out there, just sniff around.

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