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      Hello all, I’m getting back into mountain biking and cycling in general and am currently riding my mid 90’s DB sorrento that I’ve had since I was a teenager. Needless to say I think it’s time for an upgrade! I don’t have a 2k+ budget so I’ve been looking into some Jamis bikes but I’m leaning towards the DB Line. Something about the 1×9 drivetrain intrigues me and I like the slack geometry. I’m a short man at 5’3 so I’m ruling 29ers out. Not that they don’t make 29ers that I can ride but I don’t think they are for me. Anybody got any expeirence with the DB Hook, Line and Syncers? I should also mention I will be mostly riding xc style trails no crazy downhill stuff. Also I like tinkering so upgrading parts when the budget allows will happen without a doubt.




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      You’re not going to find a clear “winner” between the two and it’s going to come down to your personal preference.  You’ve already stated that you like the 1x setup, so the DB seems a little more in line with what you’re hoping to get.

      Drivetrain wise, I’d be torn.  a 32-34 granny gear is punishing to me on the steep hills while the 3x is packed full of redundant gearing. I’d probably change that 1x setup right away to a 30-36 at least.

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        Thank you I’ve never rode a 1x so climbing concerns me as well. It’s part of the reason I’m having so much trouble deciding…

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      A 1x is definitely not for everyone.  The fast guys can gear up and lose even more low but the slow guys can only put so small of a front ring on a crankset with a 104 BCD bolt pattern. You can get a little smaller if you use some bolt spacers but 28 is about as small as you’ll get up front.  That will of course come at the expense of losing more top end on the bike.

      To be honest, in my neck of the woods and with my level of fitness, a granny is important to me.  I’d probably go with the 3x before the 1x.  I have always just ignored the big ring on a 3x setup  It works great as a bash guard 🙂

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