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      I have been researching DH gear with little luck. Recently i went to MT Creek (NJ) and a friend of mine spilled and cracked a rib, he is OK. Anyway it inspired me to look into purchasing some upper body armor. I would love to hear some good reviews of recommend equipment please.

      Thank you all in advance for your time.

      Ride Hard….

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      I was just at Diablo. It’s the best lift access riding in the U.S. for my nickle. I still haven’t ridden North Star though. If you are googling armor, try SixSixOne and not SixSixSix. 661 is the area code of the company that makes the armor. 666 is the area code for me and ‘Goose’s "Objective Rally Point."

      Fit is the most important part of any armor. What works for me may not work for you. Chest armor should be as tight as possible without restricting movement or breathing. Forearm protection should should stay in place. If it moves just a bit in the shop, it’s going to move like crazy on the trail. If you are getting full suit, I would advise against anything without tethers between the forearm protection the upper arm protection. The tethers really help hold the forearm guards in place when riding jittery chattery sections and Diablo has a few. Personally, I like the RockGardn Flak Jacket. Lots adjustment straps to make it fit right and not to radically overpriced at around $150 for last year’s model.

      When I broke my ribs and more entertainingly separate rib cartilage. I was wearing a full suit of armor. So, don’t think it will make you invincible. Still, I wouldn’t ride Diablo without mine.

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      I personally use the SixSixOne Pressure suit works great for me. Fits snug and doesn’t move out of place. And I also use the Race knee shin protectors as well when the going gets rough..

      Works for me… But Fox, RaceFace, Dianese all make compareable products

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      Thanks guys. Yeah Diablo is where my brother-in-law crack his rib this past weekend. Greenhorn trail was nice fast and flowed perfectly i was pissed i only did one run before he hurt himself but oh well there is always next time.

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      I agree cjm about the fit. Make sure that it works for you and your body shape. This is why I don’t buy much stuff online.
      Body armor has saved me more times than I am willing to admit
      good luck

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      I think when playing dirt or DH, the most important gear you should wear is a full face helmet, it’s safe and look cool!

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