Deore shifters vs XT

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      I have a pair of Shimano Deore shifters working decently that i chose for its low price and average good user satisfaction. Now im thinking upgrading for XTs but i would like to know if its worth the price. I already have XT front and rear derailleur, sram pg 1070 cassette and pg 1000-something chain.

      And what about xtr shifters combined with that setup ? In fact, getting philosophically deeper in the subject, what would be the contribution of higher quality (XT and over) for each of the gear components ? 😏

      Thanks !!

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      There isn’t much difference between todays groups anymore. All come with 2-way release, detachable gear indicator and you can shift more than one gear at once as well. A lot of bikers say, the haptics of XT is better than the one of Deore or SLX, because the way you have to push the trigger is shorter. Maybe there is a difference in weight or durability between the groups.
      For myself, I’m happy with XT and XTR is just overpriced IMO.

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      Personally, I would ride the Deore until they break, then replace. Then yeah, upgrade! I don’t think you would see that much of a performance increase to make the expense worth it. IMO, I would go XT over XTR unless you’re racing. XT has always been know for durability.

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      Thanks for the advices.

      I think ill do another year with the Deore and reconsider XTs after. Its just that i saw them online last week for 80$ a pair.

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