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    hello folks. I ride a 2015 transition transam. It’s a steel hard tail. I was cleaning it yesterday and realized there was a dent on the underside of the downtube about the size of a quarter. It is right in the middle of the tube, not near any joints. I’m guessing it has been there a couple of weeks (now that I think back on riding, I think I slammed the bottom of the downtube on a fallen tree while riding over it). In any event, am I good to keep riding this? I ride fairly aggressive so I’m not just doing XC laps. I love this bike so hope I’m good to keep on riding.

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    If you ride hard and have any doubt, I would look to replace it.  A new frame is less than new teeth, or in-home health care if you get seriously hurt.   Plus there are a lot of good deals out there on hard tail frames.

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    Tough call. If you have access to a LBS you trust, ask their opinion. Keep in mind their motives. Send a pic of the damage to Transition–another option.

    Being steel, I would ride that frame. Definitely not if the construction were carbon. Would possibly ride if it were aluminum. My current aluminum frame has many smaller dents and scrapes. Honestly, it’s a MTB and exposed to some pretty harsh conditions and dare I say abuse.

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