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      Well, countless runs today we made with many deer and turkeys out gets comical.  Ahhh, you decide.


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      Hehe, that was pretty fantastic. It looked like Mutual of Omaha episode!

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      What a cool trail!

      Just yesterday we came across several deer and turkeys on the trail. Up here in the central mountains of Idaho we have lots of wildlife. Sadly I didn’t get any pictures or video.  In the past I’ve seen fox, deer, elk, turkey, countless squirrels and chipmunks, bear and even a wolf.  This is part of what I love about mountain biking.  The connection with nature.

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      I enjoy the connection with nature too. I ride in southern PA and I see deer, turkey, hawks, squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs, fox, and bear.

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      Just call out, “You look delicious!”

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      When I was on a beach Vacation in the Yucatan, I got some riding in a saw two monkeys out on the trail. A warning sign there said to look out for Jaguars (or some other big, aggressive cat).  After I saw that warning I didn’t push it on the jumps because I didn’t want to be alone with the Jags.

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      Well ……you are playing in there territory. I have had a few close calls with deer in the fall of the year on and off the trail. It’s that time of year bro!!

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      Nice! It’s amazing how close you can get when you don’t look as “humany”. Deer are real curious so if they don’t associate you with danger they’ll probably walk right up to you until they figure out what you are. I guess that’s why some hunters are beginning to stray from ATVs to bikes.

      Great vid!

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      Hey all, thanks for all your comments.  It’s common on that trail (Jewel Park Bellevue, NE), I just thought I’d film that section of the trail and everyone was having “Town Hall” over there, lol.  One thing I have learned is, leave the camera running, because you never know what will happen.  I do have a recording of a squirrel that ran into my crank, but it’s fast and blurry, very hard to make out.  Oh well, thanks much and you guys have a good one.

      Take care,


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