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      A friend is running the Death Valley Marathon, and I may tag along and ride. I realize no bikes allowed off the roads; is it still worth doing? Are there ridable trails outside the National Park?

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      Bicycles can be used on all park roads that are open to public vehicular traffic. They can also be used on routes that have been designated for bicycle use in developed areas such as the path between the visitor center and the Harmony Borax Works. They are not allowed on closed roads, service roads, off roadways, in the wilderness, or on any trails. Riding a bicycle abreast of another bicycle on our narrow roads is dangerous and is also prohibited.

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      Not a very helpful post.

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      A few rides in the area. Minaret Summit by Mammoth and more at June Lakes. Mammoth has lift assisted riding and lots of trails thru the pines and spruce. Lower Rock Creek trail is near US 395 and parallels it so can be shuttled.
      Riding in Death Valley won’t be that sweet unless it’s a good spring bloom, but that’s coming from someone who lives in the prettier Sonoran Desert, not the dryer, colder Mojave Desert. Death Valley is so dry plant life is sparse.
      Several trails on the Spring Mountains near Vegas. Sweet Boulder Canyon near the Colorado River, any level of trail you wish there, except beginner.
      If I ever get back to Bridgeport, CA there’s a hot springs trail to travertine pools I wish to check out.
      But why not just go to Tahoe and Downieville?

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