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      What’s up with the Mountain Bike Deals on this site?

      Lately it seems as though the majority of the “Deals” are being sold at a whopping 0% discount.




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      Great question! We’re trying a new approach to product selection that’s less about % off, and more about overall value.

      Interested to hear what others think about the change. @shanemhubbard, it sounds like maybe you’re mostly interested in seeing items that are on sale?

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      Thanks for the feedback. Just to piggyback off of what Jeff said, we’re choosing things we would want to use ourselves, and they’re often items products we’ve had firsthand experience with. So instead of just saying here’s a cheap set of cranks, we’re saying here’s a set of cranks we liked.

      Of course, we’ll still include heavily discounted items that are too good to pass up.

Viewing 2 reply threads

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