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    Need some opinions here. Over my years biking, I have executed many a drop off in varying terrain and conditions up to approximately four feet. The vast majority of the time I have been successful . Of course, with the occasional crashes, because I lost my focus. None of which caused any serious injury. Still to this day, when I encounter a  new dropoff of substantial height, I have to dig deep to build the confidence to take them on. Since you have to take the plunge the first time on a new drop feature, how do you prepare for it?

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    Always a good idea to take a look at the drop but especially the landing.  Is it flat or sloped?  Is it hard pack, sandy or rocky?  How much run out do you have?  Are any trees or boulders in play if you’re off a little right or left?  Does the trail continue straight afterwards or do you need to corner immediately?  If you’re not fully confident, it would be good if you can watch someone land it.  Even better if you can follow them.  If you’re still uncomfortable… skip it & live to huck another day!


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    If a drop is taller then me which is 6 feet tall I stay away from it. That’s my rule.  As long as you are confident with your manualing skills smaller  drops shouldn’t intimidate you. Usually wearing full face helmet and some body armor helps me feel more confident when doing the drops.

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    Lots of practice on drops you are comfortable with or mostly comfortable with and slowly step it up.

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