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      Hi guys this is my first post so exuse any stupidity on  my part, anyway I am looking at mainly three bikes, as listed in the title, the diamondback axis comp, the airborne goblin evo, and the specialized rockhopper expert 29. this will be my first decent mtb, i got into the sport on a trek 3500 and that bike is starting to die so im looking at upgrading and possibly converting my trek into a trials bike just to mess around with because it is a tiny 13 in frame anyway (just another reason for a new bike),  I live in the east coast area (eastern panhandle WV) i ride in sleepy creek, poor house farms, and greenbriar lake so a pretty even combanation of rough double track, and tight singletrack trails. im abot 5’9- 5,10 and 170 pounds, i ride very defensivly right now but im trying to break that habit, my max budget is about 1400, i am already doing work on my bikes (i also ride road bikes) so the assembly is not a problem, and even  if it is i can always take it to my lbs (epbc) to get it assembled. i am leaning towards the goblin but im not sure yet. And my lbs only sells trek, as far as i know, so all of these bikes would be bought online. any other bikes would be welcomed and any tips for converting my trek into a trials bike would also be welcomed, thanks in advance for all replies.

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      Hey WVRider, as an Airborne Goblin owner for many years now, I can vouch for the quality of that bike and its longevity 🙂 Also, generally speaking, you’ll get better components for your money on an Airobrne VS a comparably-priced bike from a bigger brand.

      Also, here’s a link to a Budget Hardtail Buyer’s Guide that I wrote up a while back. It could definitely help you out: http://www.singletracks.com/blog/mtb-gear/buyers-guide-budget-hardtail-mountain-bikes/

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      thanks for the quick reply, and i’ve already read the list it was the first time I had ever really considered airborne bikes i had heard about them before but never really thought about buying one

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      I also have an Airborne.  The assembly is minimal, you shouldn’t need to take it to a shop.  All I had to do was put on the bars, seat and pedals.  It cracks me up when I hear people make comments like “omg you have to put it together and no bike shops will want to work on it”.  I can tell you from experience that is absolutely false.  Any shop I’ve taken my bike to has been happy to keep their mechanics working wrenching on a bike, no matter the brand.  As for quality, I’m with Greg, I’ve got a lot of miles on mine with no issues expect components wearing out, which you would expect on any bike, no matter the brand.

      And for bang for the buck, I paid $2k for my bike that was set up like any big brand $3k bike.

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