Dawes Dead Eye SS 29er w/ drops


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      Hey everyone. Just found this site. Check out my new machine.


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      Good looking SS. Do you ride Cyclocross or just like the feel of the drop bars?

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      Thanks. I had a ‘cross bike before, but never raced. I sold it to fund the 29er. I wanted a bike that I could use for bike packing and trails the ‘cross bike couldn’t handle. Add a 1×9 drive train and ‘cross tires and I can race this. 😃

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      Kinda hard to tell from the pic, but are they mountain drop bars or road style? I have only seen the mt style drop bars in pics but always wanted to know if you were able to get the same leverage as regular road drops.

      Can that frame hold a rear derailleur? My buddy bought a SS 29er from Gary Fisher about 3 months ago and he just realized that it has no hole for a rear derailleur!?! 😮 Apparently there are alot of SS specific bikes built like this. Hopefully yours isn’t and you can convert it if you ever want to. Bike packing on a SS would be torture for me!!

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      First, I never installed the stock flat bars or levers. I had this conversion in mind before I purchased the bike. I think it worked out well.

      Second, the drops are not dirt drop specific. They are FSA Omega compact bars and fit perfect. Still have a lot of control on/off road.

      Third, the bike came with a chain tug that doubles as a hanger. I had a 1×9 setup on my ‘cross bike and really liked it. I may go the same route with the 29er.


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      That’s pretty cool. I’ll have to tell him about that and see if he can get one of those for his bike as well. He’s thinking about going 1×9 too and one of those would set it up great.

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