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      Hey guys, im pretty new to the whole MTB community. I only have experience on flat trails with some hills but noting too crazy. I really want to get into it. I don’t have a bike yet but was hoping for suggestions. since im new and don’t know how good ill be yet ive put my price cap at 1000. any help would bge appreciated

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      Hi Dan and welcome!
      This stuff is a real KICK! Will get you into Great shape. When I started I had set a cap of $500. That went out the window real quick. I went out and rode 30-40 bikes and ended up spending $1700 and got a cdale F29 1 lefty. Way over my head but man what a nice bike! Iguess What I am saying is get the most you can get for your money. I took the cash I had for the bike and put the rest on my trek card which my lbs happens to accept. 12 mos same as cash. When you ride them you will see the diff between the $1000 and the $3000 bike. Ask about leftovers, my cdale listed for $3200 and i picked it up $1799.Was 1 model year old and I don’t care!LOL! Did the same with my roadie, got a cervelo S5 for $2380 was $5000-$6000. Keep looking and riding as that is how you will know what to get.When you find it you will know!

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      Fishboy makes some valid points. There are plenty of decent entry bikes in the price range you are looking for plus the chances to pick up something on sale. Im sure someone will suggest you check out the Airborne bikes online as they are good bikes and really good prices. If you shop around and come up with some options I imagine you’ll get more opinions than you need if you ask on here. lol But thats the point isn’t it?

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      Check the local bike shops for end of the year model sales. I picked up my Salsa El Mar last year for almost $500 off.

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      Hey Dan!

      I’d definitely get into some local bike shops, see what they have, get on a couple, see what feels good. You really need to get on a bike and get the feel for it for your first bike as you may not know what size you need, or what head tube angle you like, etc from looking online without experience. Talking to the guys in the shop about what kind of riding you want to do, where you want to ride, etc can also help them guide you in the right direction as to what you may want to look at. It’s a great sport, welcome to the family!

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