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      So I am considering trying this race out. I MTB and it says that bike is fine. It seems simple and fun. And it’s where I learned to ski. This would be my first bike race.

      I think this weekend I will go in and sign up. Hopefully I can get the day off.
      Anyone have pointers?

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      Find a cyclocross video on youtube and watch the dismount/mounts. Don’t be discouraged if you watch a euro pro video, your race will be nothing like that. Practice some dismount – run – remount sequences in your back yard or somewhere easy. Include some hard efforts on your rides between now and then. Mostly, keep an open mind and have fun. CX can be a lot of fun. It’s a great intro to racing, as the courses are short and the races are under an hour.

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      Will it be a problem wearing clip in shoes. My pedals are crank brothers.
      I really look forward to the Yeti demo after the race. I really want a new bike. Just need to see what kind fits me. My specialized Ht weighs 35 pounds. Ugh.

      Thank you I will look for some videos.

      For water I usually wear a 2L hydro pack. Which holds an inhaler and an air pump.

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      No, pretty much everyone will be using clipless pedals. Should be no need for a hydro pack or even a water bottle for an event that short (or have a bottle and drink before the start, toss it by the start line, and pick it up when done). It’ll be pretty intense to be trying to drink anyway.

      Also check out Ibis bikes at Ridge Cyclesport in Wenatchee. 35 pounds is way on the heavy side…time for an upgrade!

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