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      It’s amazing, google has two references to this, Singletracks and ride-strong. Wouldn’t this have made a legitimate news paper?
      I don’t buy the physics of it either. This is boat load of penetration for an arrow fired from a bow. Mythbusters have been hurting for something good. Maybe they will shoot a tree limb through a dead pig.

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      Thats me! I was trying to ride with snowshoes on. Last time I listen to Mongoose 😆

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      I can’t see that being real….Square in the middle of the leg that bone like Mongoose said would have shattered and come out the other end…Specially when you notice that the branch had a sharp slight curve…There would have been some flesh there and the foot still looks way to healthy the foot would more than likely start to bruise and turn slightly blue.

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      Also the probability of that happening is very little…The branch if it hit and went in would have careened of the bone and go slightly to the left or right of center.

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      There’s also the shear force it would take to drive something clear thru a shin bone and out the other side. And by a couple feet according to the picture! Even a sharp object like and arrow would have a hard time penetrating that thoroughly.

      I feel this is on the same level as the guys in Georgia that saw and captured Sasquatch and brought him back in a cooler!!

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