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      I am wondering how many other riders out there use cycling computers. I have traditionally always used them since I like to record my mileage in a log, but I’m debating on whether or not to break free of my obsession with mileage numbers and stats and do away with my computer and just focus on having fun.

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      I use one to. But the I don’t pay any attention to it while I am riding with the exception of what time it may be, just to make sure I have plenty of time to get back before dark. The only time I pay any attention to it is at the end of the ride to see how far I did go and what not. Never really any during the ride.

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      I feel naked without a computer. It’s not that I really care about how many miles I do (besides, I know the mileage of all the trails I’m regularly on anyway), but I do keep a fairly detailed log so I can keep track of progress.

      I have fun when I ride but I also do it for fitness purposes so it certainly helps me to know how many miles I’ve ridden, how long it took, etc. Then again, the log I have is pretty darned detailed…but I’m cool like that. 😎

      Maybe it’s some sort of weird addiction from when I used to be a hardcore roadie.

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      From being a road rider I could understand that. I keep track of all the rides that do as well (measure progress, and fitness purposes). For though when I ride I am to busy usually concentrating on the trail instead of how many miles I have done. That’s why I only pay any attention to it at the end of the ride and then log it later. Like you said about knowing the miles of the trails that you ride, same with me. I just use the computer to see how fast I went.

      Its just up to you if you want to keep it or not. Besides if you already know the mileage, then just do the math with the miles and the amount of time it took to figure out what you need to.

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      I’m pretty much addicted to having a computer when I ride. In fact my first two wheeler as a kid had one of those mechanical speedometers with the speed dial and odometer. I’ve used computers on the road and trail ever since.

      Of course these days bike computers are much more complex (and useful if you ask me). I probably look down at my GPS every five minutes when I’m riding and scroll through elevation plots, maps, summary stats, etc. Why? I don’t know ;) Must be some kind of compulsion to know where I am and how I’m doing…

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      I guess I am the only one here used to use one, and since quit. I feel as though it took the fun out of mountain biking. For road use it is a better fit, IMO, because cardio and distance is the focus. When I am out on the trail, I just want to float through nature without a care in the world. 😉

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      I like having one. I am always curious how far I end up going on a ride. It doesn’t really matter, but I suppose it helps me gauge what I’m capable of when thinking about taking on new challenges. Also, I’m an old-school kind of guy and don’t use a GPS, so when I go somewhere new and am relying on a trail description that says something like "after riding 4.7 miles take the left turn at the fork" its good to know just how far I have gone.

      All I really care about is how far I’ve gone and how long it took, so most of the fancy features on the more expensive computers would be a waste for me.

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      "flamdrag8" wrote

      When I am out on the trail, I just want to float through nature without a care in the world. 😉

      That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. But my inner math geek loves computing numbers and keeping tallies of everything under the sun. (Honestly, I also don’t want to sully my new ride with my ugly old computer 😃)

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      I have always had one. I normally use it to have an end result of distance ridden. During resting points while riding I usually reference it for the time, or max speed after a quick downhill. The buddy I ride with always likes to try to clock a higher speed then me for the day. The only time I reference it while actually riding is approaching turns on some fast fireroads I ride. Just a quick glance to see where I am at and see if I am at a comfortable speed for the amount of loose packed stuff ahead in the turn.

      As great as it would be to have a GPS and be able to download routes, chart speed, altitude, temp, vertical feet gained and lost, etc. that is too much for me (for now). Having a simple computer and a two way radio hooked on my pack strap for real time smack talking with my buddy is good.

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      I had one on my mtb once, but the cable (between the sensor and the computer) actually snapped.

      To top it off, I was riding with the computer on my road bike later, and when I went to clear it, I accidentally popped it off. It bounced off the road, hit my front wheel and rolled into a canal. I fished it out but it didn’t work too well after that.

      I still have a computer on my road bike, but when it comes to mountain biking, I think computers are pretty useless. Even in a race, the important thing is that you’re going faster than your competition. Your actual speed is pretty immaterial.

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      Word. I finally came to the conclusion cycling computers are disposable and just started buying the cheapest ones I could find (generally around $10 – $15). Between snapped cables (which can be fixed BTW), water infiltration, dead batteries, and sensor issues (those things gotta be lined up just right and if you get mud on them they’re worthless) I got fed up. Now I rock the GPS and have had no problems despite many falls, wet/muddy riding, etc. Of course a GPS ain’t cheap and it ain’t disposable ;)

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      Now I rock the GPS and have had no problems despite many falls, wet/muddy riding, etc. Of course a GPS ain’t cheap and it ain’t disposable

      Is that the Garmin Edge you b rockin??

      I use one but its generally hard to read while riding. I use it to compare how well I climbed that day compared to others and to keep track of total mileage for the year. I bought the Garmin Edge for my road bike and since it had two mounts….why not. Works great and is tough as nails. No cables to worry about either. (I actually use it for hiking too)

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