Custom 29er hardtail decision

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      I’m thinking of building a custom 29er hardtail and I have it narrowed down to 2 frames:

      the Niner MCR made with 853 reynolds steel or

      the Salsa Mamasita made with Scandium and carbon chainstays.

      Which frame would you go with for if you ride for fun & fitness. I’m not into racing. The Niner has a 2 year warranty and the Salsa has a 5 year warranty, but I’ve never kept a bike for 5 years yet.

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      Now when you said "custom" I thought you meant getting the frame built for you by some place like Waltworks or Lenzsport.

      For "off the shelf" 29’ers. the brand new Giant xTC has been getting rave reviews.

      Both Walt and Lenz have some killer 29’er FS models and Walt builds awesome 29’er hardtails with a lifetime frame warranty.

      I’m tempted to get a Waltworks based solely on the logo:


      Anyway, check out the customs. I know in Walt’s case he passes on his components savings so you can get a tricked out 29’er for a surprisingly good price, and it’s made for you and your body geometry.

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      Appreciate the feedback Maddslacker. Funny you should mention the Giant because I am seriously looking at the XTC1 and have already test rode the XTC2 and loved it, I just prefer the Fox fork on the XTC1. But it’s aluminum and I was thinking of a steel frame so I ruled out the Mamasita. I am looking at a Voodoo Dambala also. I’ll check into Waltsworks…thanks.

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