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    Hi guys

    I am currently waiting for my Cube Reaction GTC Race 29", very excited as my first bike, was not nearly the same caliber.
    But, I wonder why Scott Scale prices, is that much higher than Cube Reaction GTC, both 920/910 and SL/Race is carbon fibre, and CUBE’s are with the best M785/786 XT Group-sets, where 920 has SLX around.
    Price for Scale 910 = $3515 and GTC SL = $2500, how come that difference?
    Is CUBE not made with the same quality build in Carbon Fibre frames, or where do CUBE save money?
    I mean, it’s a huge difference, and the weight is not that far from each other.

    We are talking 2015 models, FYI :-)

    Best Regards
    René Jeppesen


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