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    Hey gang,

    So I’m hoping to pull off a trip to Crested Butte this spring/summer/fall.  Need to watch the budget.  Right now I’m not so concerned about what trails to ride,  looking more for some heads up on good, affordable places to stay and when a sneaky good time to go would be?  Anyone have any thoughts? And if you have a trail rec I won’t complain.  I’m an intermediate rider, like a little challenge but the wife will likely be joining me and she is newbie.


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    Hi jasfoto, if you want to do CB on a budget, just go out and dirt bag it. Camp in the woods for free–Oh Be Joyful campground used to be free, but word on the street is that they’re starting to charge money. But you can always go dispersed camp up in the national forest for free.

    Cook your own food at camp, and don’t go out to eat. Even better, buy all of the food that you plan to cook and beer that you plan to drink in Gunnison before you drive up to Crested Butte. Also, try to gas up before you head up the highway.

    Presto! Crested Butte trip for (essentially) free!

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    Thanks, Greg.  That’s an option, but I am interesting in some cheaper lodging options.  Most likely will be using some FF miles to fly in and not sure if I’d  try to fly with all my camping gear.  If CB wasn’t such a long drive from where I am, I’d do the camping thing.  🙂

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    CB has a really nice hostel–this will probably be your cheapest non-camping option:

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    Nice.  That could work well.  Thanks!


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    No problem, I hope you have a great time!


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