Crested Butte fat tire bike week

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      Is there anyone thats been to the Crested Butte fat tire bike week that can give some advice for going to this event??I am planning on making this event this summer and have never been to it before so any insight or advice would be cool to hear.I will be up for camping most likely but if you have hotel information I wouldnt ignore it.I plan on going to the mountain bike hall of fame as well while I’m there to see it.I understand the mountain states cup xc and dh races will be going on so I’d love to see the dh races.Sounds like theres plenty going on at this event to see and do so any info and advice will be appreciated.

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      Not going got Fat Tire fest but later in August (when Monarch Crest will be snow-free). So let me know what u find out. I’ve heard Trail 401 is the bomb out that way.

      Steve, you should sign yourself up for one of those DH rides…..wear a funky wig and no shirt and go screaming down hill!! HAve someone take pics for all of us tho!

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