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      <p style=”text-align: right;”>When I put power down on my cranks everytime it makes this weird creaking noise almost like when you tighten a bolt to tight that type of noise and I cant track it down, any ideas are welcome</p>

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      I’ve been experiencing a similar issue, which I also can’t track down to its source. It’s annoying, but it hasn’t gotten worse that I’ve noticed, so I’m trying to ignore it. Probably not a great idea.

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        Yeah I’ve been trying to ignore it and it’s not getting worse so I’m just gonna leave it tell someone has an idea

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      Probably something or other to do with your bottom bracket. It likely needs service of some kind. It might need re-adjustment but it could also be that you’ve got water/dirt inside that’s making the noise, especially if you ride through water or in wet conditions a lot. I’m not sure if that’s something you can ignore without damaging anything, or if you need to service it right away.

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      As Nick indicated it’s likely coming from your bottom bracket.  Check the following:

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      I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that it’s the bottom bracket.  While it’s easy to assume the bottom bracket, more often than not it’s either (1) your pedals, or (2) your seat.  Seat is easy to rule out, just pedal around out of the saddle and if it still does it.  If your riding clipless pedals, clean them good and put some chain lube on them, really get it in there and try it out.  I swear most of the time its dirt/grit in the pedals or seat rails.  Much easier/cheaper to problem check these than get all into the drive train.  Good luck!

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      Just chased down a creaking sound. Could have sworn it was a moving part. Ended up being the saddle. Check everything.

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      I recently developed a creaking noise too.  The harder I cranked, the worse it was.  Went away completely while cruising or just lightly pedaling on flat land.  If I stood still and bounced on the bike, there was nothing.  In/out of the saddle made no difference.  Checked all the components I could, made sure everything was lubed properly.  Readjusted all quick releases.

      Finally got time to take it into the bike shop, they took the bottom bracket apart and re-lubricated everything.  Noise is gone.  They didn’t even charge me since the bike is still fairly new.

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      I’ve had this go both ways; loose crank and most recently, bad pedals.  My recent issue sounded like it was the crank but when I upgraded pedals, sure enough, it was a bad right pedal. So, checking the easy stuff first can help.  Nothing worse than riding a new bike and it creaks and moans….  So, no more creaking for me.

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      I must admit I’ve been plagued by this kind thing a coupe of times.

      Most recently it took a several bottom rebuilds and finally solved by ptfe plumbers tape.

      I have heard stories where it was just the rear axle being loose.  The power transmitted to back wheel etc and then the sound transmitted back making it sound like a bb prob!

      Think the sad truth is it can be from anywhere.


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        One one bike, once or twice a year I would get the creaks.  Every time, with the exception of once, my creaks were BB related.  And each time I just removed it and put it back in (same one, no rebuilding) with a little grease on the threads to get things quiet.  Worked every time.  Once did the plumbers tape thing too, and that worked as well, just a bit harder to thread.  Obviously, this was on a threaded BB.  The one exception, creaking came from a worn pivot joint bushing.

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