Crazy January Weather


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      Rode in shorts last night. Sunday’s predicted high of 76F here in Virginia is a little off the norm, but what the heck we will take it. 😆

      Now if I can just keep away from that flu bug amidst all of this temperature fluctuations.

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      Global warming FTW!!

      I rode in shorts and a jersey yesterday. It was awesome. Today is even warmer. Loving it!

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      rode yesterday with just shorts and long sleeve jersey, mid 50s here in Denver with sunshine, and today could be low 60s, tomorrow’s forecast will be freezing to mid 20s with flurries… what a bi-polar weather 😃

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      Yeah man, it is in the crazy mid 80’s here. Reached 86 degrees yesterday, and closing on 87 degrees now, before the warmest time of the day. Go figure with this crazy weather. Like Christmas Eve was in the 40’s and then Christmas Day was in the low 70’s. It has been off and on like that here, but now its all the low to mid 80’s… 😏

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      Rode in shorts and short sleeves yesterday. Started off w knee and arm Warmers but shed them after a little while bc they were too warm!

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      Just walked down the street a few miles with no jacket to grab lunch. Cannot wait to get out of the office and ride today!

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      Pogo-ing up and down in New England, too! It’s a real risk for the trails, though, because once they freeze and we get out riding, a thaw comes, which softens the trails and makes them very prone to erosion and trail damage by our fat tires.

      NEMBA adheres to "mud season" come late winter/ early spring in waiting for trails to dry, but not everyone is a NEMBA rider and reads the signs as they should.

      If it’s been cold, make sure you’re not hacking up your local trails by bombing on `em when they’re soft!
      *runs away from people throwing things*[/i:1adqy9lu]

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      hopefully I can ride tomorrow before it snows and the temp dips to 20s.

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