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      Does anyone seriously ride with a bottle mounted to the underside of their frame?

      It seems crazy that theres a mount under there to begin with then I saw a pic of a loaded bottlecage and thought that it had to be the craziest thing I ever saw. Questionable dirt and standing water splashing up onto the thing must make it taste extra good is my guess.

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      Try to realize that even with the bottle mounted to the inside of the frame,it will still get dirt and crud on it,hahahaha.But I hear ya,as long as it is out in the open like that,it will just get more and more stuff on it.
      I usually use my bottle for some kind of recovery mix drink and only drink it at rest stops after unscrewing the cap and drinking from the bottle itself. 😕

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      Yeah I never understood the whole bottle under the frame thing either. My FS frame has the ports to mount a bottle cage on the outside of the frame but I could never bring myself to really entertain the idea. I do use the inside the frame bottle cage on my hardtail but the bottle I use has a cover over the drinking nipple.

      Kinda like this one…


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      I hear you on the non-soft plastic bottle. I usually ride with one of these in the cage on my HT.


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