Crash Recovery (Mental)

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      Hi all,

      I’ve been riding for about 14 years and am at Intermediate to advanced level for the most part. I recently have had two big injuries that seem to really be affecting my riding now. I tore my rotator cuff snowboarding last winter and more recently snapped my pinky finger, both requiring surgery. The crash that broke my pinky was a direct result of me freezing up at a technical section. I’ve found that since both accidents I’m doing this regularly now, freezing up and hitting the brakes when I should be loose and limber. I’ve gone my whole riding “career” without major injury, but I now can’t seem to shake off the mental block I’ve got going on now and it’s extremely frustrating.

      Anyone have advice on how to overcome and comeback from such a thing? I’m tensing up more often than not now and it’s leading to more crashes, something I used to always avoid and was very proud of the fact that I rarely crashed……now it seems I’m completely prone to hit the ground no matter what and it’s killing my biking mojo.

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      Actually, we have JUST the article for you!! This is exactly what you’re talking about: 9 Tips for Recovering from a Bike Wreck: It’s Mostly Mental

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        Awesome, thanks!!!

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      No problem!!

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