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      Fallen tree took a chunk out of my crankset guard. It’s plastic. Is there any need to have this replaced? The crank seems to be functioning normally.

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      Unless by "chunk" you mean it took a piece out big enough to expose teeth on the chainwheel or it took a hard enough hit to crack your bashguard all the way through, I wouldn’t worry about it untill it gets WAY beat up. If it’s still doing it’s job then there’s no worrys. Unless of course your seriously concerned about aesthetics (looks). Hope that helps.

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      Thanks for the replies. Yeah, about 10 teeth of the chainring are exposed.
      Maybe it makes it more gnarly. 😼

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      True!!! I gotta go with my buddy Gooses decision on this one. If teeth are exposed, it’s time to replace the bashguard. Like he said, e-thirteen bashguards are pretty much bulletproof. As the saying goes "build it, break it, fix it, repeat!". 😼

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      Hey don’t forget they come in cool colors as well!


      I had to toss that in.

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      Wow ummm i am sorry to say but that is just a pant protection guard and not a bash guard. If i am not mistaken i think if you would want a actual bash guard you would have to upgrade the crank…If you take a photo from behind or let me see if the rings are bolted to the crank or a one piece model that shimano sometimes supplies that would really help…There are some non series components that shimano sell that are stamped steel rings welded together and ment to be replaced as a unit. Where the higher models of shimano (and other brands) rings can be replaced individually.

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