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      Hey guys, I’m looking into replacing my stock crankset and bottom bracket. They’re crappy, they creak, and they’re weak.

      I need some suggestions as to what I should purchase, mind you I’m a cook and don’t make astronomical amounts of money. It needs to be within reason. But I do need some help with the measurements, I’m not quite sure what my bike is, and there are many available options when ordering. I don’t want to order something that isn’t going to fit. I ride an Iron Horse Warrior if that helps any.

      Thanks in advance!

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      Mostly all American bottom brackets are either 68mm or 73mm and English threaded. Yours will most likely be the same. For an exact number, flip the bike over and measure the width of the bottom shell of your frame where you put the bottom bracket in. Make sure you don’t count the sides of the bottom bracket cups that thread into the frame itself. However, most newer bottom brackets of the hollow link or octalink sytle fit both 68mm AND 73mm brackets so I wouldn’t really worry about it. If you go with the old style bottom bracket you will need an exact measure.

      If you plan on doing it yourself, just pull off the existing crankset and BB and measure as stated above. Get a torque wrench and BB removal tools and go to town. Not a do it yourselfer? Go to a good local bike shop and they will handle it. You can probably find your EXACT bike specs on line at

      Cranksets often come with different crank arm lengths with the normal being 175mm. Normally they change in 5mm increments. Depending on your leg length and riding style, you may want to go longer or shorter. If you like the length of your current cranks just measure them and get the same on your new set.

      I ride the 2008 XT hollowlink crankset and bottom bracket and it’s great. Realively light, can be found for A LOT less than MSRP, and VERY responsive/stiff when pedaling. Previous years models had chainring issues. People complained that the middle ring wore out too early and the 2008 model supposedly fixed this. I’ve had mine for about 7 months with no issues yet for what it’s worth and I ride about 15 miles weekly. It cost me about $180 but the next models down can be found for cheaper if you don’t want to spend that kind of money. Check out Shimano’s website to see the differences in models. FSA, Truvativ, RaceFace, and SRAM make good BB’s too. Check out their websites for specific models.

      Once you have an idea on what models you are interested in, try for a great website to search out the best prices among multiple online companies including ebay.

      Good luck and enjoy shopping.

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      Thanks for the info. With that I’ll start looking around at different models, etc.

      Thanks for the help!

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      First, you have a 73MM BB. I have a 2007 Warrior 4.0, if that is any comfort. I have a RACE FACE Evolve FR BB. It is adjustable for either 68 or 73MM. It costs 43 bucks at In my opinion it is one of those "best bang for the buck" BB. It built rather well to. all bearing cartridges are double sealed with dual bearings on the crank side. It made of hollow chromoly and isn’t to bad on scales for weight.

      Hope this will help you out a little.

      Also, I had the problem with my crank and BB combo that came with the bike. First time twisted the arms when I landed once, and the second time my BB started making this clicking noise along with lots of creaking.

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