Crank Bros Double Shot Hybrid

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      Time for a revisit on the Double Shot pedals. Who has them and what is your opinion? I am looking at them to add to my enduro bike. I run eggbeaters on my XC bike and really like them. I am looking for more platform on my enduro and can go clipless on when the situation calls for it. How easy is it to quickly move from the platform to the clipless?  I current ride just platform on the enduro. Suggestion on other pedal options are welcome.


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      Since I have had some time to do research, for what is it worth, if you are looking for a dual pedal with a big platform, I would recommend Xpedo Ambix. However, I have decided to stay with my Race Face platforms and my  CB Eggbeaters. Between the two of them, which I switch out on the trail if necessary, I have what I want in any condition for a reasonable price.  The dual pedal sounds interesting but, it appears that their only real purpose is for commuter and XC applications.

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