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      Hi, new to site, but been reading for a month or so. Im having a issue with a cpl things and need help a bit.
      1. Frame size. I am searching for a new bike. I been to many dealers and im confused. I was told yrs ago that to fit a frame to a person you stand over it and make sure you got enough space between frame and you like a cpl inches. Well i currently have a 14 in frame, but all the bikes i have looked at i been sized for a 18 or 19. Can differant companies be so differant on sizes say like shoes? I have a giant boulder se 14in its a 2007 model. Fits like a glove. Thing is It was handed down to me and i want something else.

      Question 2. With my current bike a giant boulder se


      Id like to know if possible to add disc brake setup. I know id need new rims but wanna know if the frame n fork i can do this. i run threw small creeks alot and wet firelds and would like to add them.


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