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      Hi, new to site, but been reading for a month or so. Im having a issue with a cpl things and need help a bit.
      1. Frame size. I am searching for a new bike. I been to many dealers and im confused. I was told yrs ago that to fit a frame to a person you stand over it and make sure you got enough space between frame and you like a cpl inches. Well i currently have a 14 in frame, but all the bikes i have looked at i been sized for a 18 or 19. Can differant companies be so differant on sizes say like shoes? I have a giant boulder se 14in its a 2007 model. Fits like a glove. Thing is It was handed down to me and i want something else.

      Question 2. With my current bike a giant boulder se


      Id like to know if possible to add disc brake setup. I know id need new rims but wanna know if the frame n fork i can do this. i run threw small creeks alot and wet firelds and would like to add them.


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      Can differant companies be so differant on sizes

      Hey greÄsemonkey,YES they can be and do.Every company has there own sizing chart,for instance I own a 2007 Stumpjumper in the XL size and have been looking at the Yeti bikes which build there bikes a little bigger so when I test ride a Yeti I actually get a L.
      I see your current bike is a size 14"?And you say your getting sized by your LBS at 18 or 19",I am wondering what type of riding your doing on that Giant,what type of riding are you going to do on a new bike?Also,what brands of bikes have you been looking at?And how tall are you?That’ll give everyone an idea of exactly what your faced with in sizing a bike for you.

      Id like to know if possible to add disc brake setup.

      I can see the disc brake mounts on your fork in your pic of the bike but I dont think I see the disc brake mounts on your frame,look on the non drive side of your seat stays by the rear hub and see if you can see any disc brake mounts.If you see a welded on bracket with two mounting holes,then you can mount a disc caliper for disc brakes,if not,then no you cannot mount disc brakes on the frame.

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      As for size, the crotch clearance is one consideration, but you also have to look at the angle of your leg in relation tot he cranks and also your upper body reach to the handlebars. For example, I am 5’8" but with a really short inseam of 28.5" I ride a Giant Trance in a 16" frame, but with a 100mm stem to push the bars out a little for my longish torso. Part of the size diff from what yuo’re used to might be the dropped top tube now vs the straight ones back in the day. How does your current bike feel size-wise, by the way?

      Take chilipepper’s advice and go to a couple of bike shops and get some sizing pointers. And yes, different companies = different sizing, just like shoes.

      I don’t think the Boulder has tabs on the frame for the rear brake caliper, but snap us a pic to confirm.

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      I’d probably trust the guys at the shop to fit you correctly but if you want to get something comparable in size to your existing bike, you will need to know the geometry of your current ride. You may be riding a bike that’s a little too small for you. Without knowing your inseam, arm length, and preferred riding style, that’s a hard call to make.

      Lucky for you, Giant has a bike archive that has your bike in it.
      The two numbers you mainly need to be concerned about are the top tube length (how far you have to reach to get to the bars)and stand over height (how much hanging room your family jewels will enjoy). For the 14" frame, that’s 21.3" of top tube reach and 30.4" of stand over height. If you REALLY like how your current ride feels, find a frame with close measurements. the other numbers they list in the geometry section will also matter but they will be more important to the handling and pedaling of the bike.

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      Wow, 3.5" standover on a nominally 14" frame. That’s why they have you looking at mediums in the other models.

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