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      Having had many encounters with Coyote’s over the years throughout the southwest, the one thing that’s always consistent is, they’re skittish around humans.  Even when I’ve come across a pack, which seems rare (they seem to run around in pairs).   At least this has been my experience.

      They’re not uncommon here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, despite a population of around 7 million.  Heck, we can sometimes hear them yelp in the evenings in our subdivision.  They like to run through the golf course.  But they’ve never approached humans that anyone has been aware of.  Small pets, fair game.  However, today I read that one the local suburbs are issuing warnings regarding recent attacks.  They say they’re aggressive and stalk joggers, etc.  There have been four recent attacks, including a 9 year old, and a couple of joggers, one with serious injuries to the neck.  I’m wondering if it’s an isolated sick animal.

      Anyway, on a few occasions, I have come across coyote’s while mountain biking.  But they’ve always kept their distance and run off.  Has anyone ever had an aggressive encounter with a coyote?

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      That’s scary. Coyotes are pretty much everywhere!

      I’ve seen ’em while mountain biking, even on in-town trails, but they always run away.

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      Wilderness coyotes shy away from people. Urban-suburban coyotes have lost their fear of people and can be quite bold. I used to live in a suburban area and the coyotes would come right up to me when I walked my Beagle. They would try to get my dog to run off with them so that they could kill and eat him. I had to keep my dog on a short leash. Very scary! However, I never felt that the coyotes would attack me. I love wild animals and I do not hunt. However, coyotes that attack people need to be shot.

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      I’ve seen at least one I believe about 5 times the last 3 plus years in the same area here in GJ. Got pics.

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      Thanks for the helpful PSA. My 8yr old and I were planning to ride Ranger and Redhawk Saturday morning in Frisco Northwest Park. I think we will select a different trail this weekend, assuming the rain skips us. The statement that it was following a jogger is disconcerting. One of the articles I read states the police believe it is the same animal. This is very unusual even from an urban coyote.

      In my experience urban coyotes are “less” afraid of humans but that is a relative statement. They still keep their distance and spook if you raise your voice.

      Unless it was not a coyote. It could be a feral dog being mistaken for a coyote. This could explain the familiarity the animal has around people.




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        Robjs1017, I rode Frisco NW Community, including Ranger and Redhawk loops, yesterday (Thursday).  No coyote’s.  Did see a lot of  deer and feral hog tracks.  That trail has been closed so long (since August/September?) due to mud, wildlife had a chance to roam around and make their marks.  Trail was pretty busy… parking lot full and parking along the dirt road going uphill toward the pump track.

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        The rain and the lake levels have really been a bummer. I am sure a lot of other riders in the metroplex are missing the trails. Thanks for the info about the trail.

        I have never encountered any hogs on my rides.  Hogs are much more unpredictable/mean. Have you encountered any? That gives me something to think about.

        Riding with a young one warrants extra caution. We carry safety whistles that scare away most “animals” mostly this has been used on stray dogs, although it does nothing to scare away the snakes.

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        Robjs1017… If you’re asking if I’ve encountered hogs here in DFW, yes.  I’ve come across hogs while riding Ray Roberts Johnson Branch (near one of the small ponds) and Knobb Hills (in the floodplain area near the “Angry Beaver” tree).  Both times were later in the day during Summer.  Neither presented a threat, although I didn’t stop to pet them.

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      I came across a big coyote on a night ride in an area with heavy undergrowth.  I rounded a corner and it ran in front of me so close that I nearly hit it.  I was so startled that I stopped and I could hear the animal sweeping up behind me in the growth. I was riding with only a handlebar light and straddled on the bike, so I could not see it or get the light pointed behind me.  So I just started making a lot of noise.  When I couldn’t hear it anymore I took off.  I set a PR that day in spite of the coating of snow on the trail…

      In hindsight, I suspect that the coyote was just trying to get out of my light. but when you are riding on a cold winter night by yourself and think you are getting stalked, pondering all the possibilities wasn’t on the agenda.  I ride with a helmet light in addition to the bar light these days.  I also try to make more noise.

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      For years I hunted coyote and always found them to be spooked by human presence. There are always stories floating around about outdoor enthusiasts being trailed or attacked, but I haven’t experienced that personally. What I have dealt with on a couple of occasions is feral dogs. I’m a dog person but wouldn’t think twice about shooting a feral dog that showed any aggressiveness toward people. Same goes for an aggressive coyote.

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      One of the trails I ride frequently is in the State Forest which has a lot of coyotes. It’s not uncommon to see one while riding. They always run away when they see me coming.

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