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      From this afternoon’s ride to the dirt jumps down the road,I wanted to test out the new frame on the little couple foot drop there and damn does it feel nice!!!




      Always feels way bigger than it looks in stills or video,haha.

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      It’s crazy how pics/vids really make a jump/drop seem smaller hahahaha

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      Haha,I never seem to hit my knees when I fall,just elbows and I didn’t have any pads on there either.One day I’ll find a good set with a full face helmet but that landing in the pics is really nice and smooth if I were to fall..I think I’d have been ok,haha.

      I gotta agree though,if you shoot it at the right angle you can make things look bigger but from a backed out view or video,it’s just not as impressive to see as it felt it seems.Really though,can anything compare to the feeling you get from riding it? 😃

      It’s not a huge drop but it is just so fun!

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      nice man. i gotta plan a day and get up there early. what days off do you have (if any) ?

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      man i would love stuff like that! too bad everything around here is hardcore XC…all the 29er SS people dont like jumps…

      i have a couple things like that but its on MY trails that i made for riding dirtbikes on, actually theres quite a few jumps that just arent do’able(or not at my skill level) on a HT

      where is this?

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      trek this is in gainesville FL

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      cool, i WAS planning on trying to go to florida this summer, which would normally be easy because my parents vacation there every year and i would just stay with them in the time share, to meet up with with ChiliPepper and have him teach me how to ride, well

      but just my luck for some reason they decided to go to chicago….

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      Sorry for the delay,computer crapped out on me again…Thank you SaiyanFury for the loaner.

      I have weekends off,I get the 5th of July off since the 4th falls on a Sunday.That drop is currently taken apart but can be rebuilt pretty fast…not sure who dismantled it but I’ll fix that.

      Let me know when you have off too,I have a pretty flexible schedule.

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      im going to plan a saturday in the future after my santos trip (july 10th). I’ll leave here super early and show up in G-ville by 9 – 10AM. Let me know if thats okay with you, as I will need a guide. Would love to ride 2 or 3 different spots while im there.

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      That is cool with me man.With any luck,Rareform and I are gonna try to get some bridges built up at another local trail pretty soon.There is nothing like the drop pictured above at that trail but there is potential.

      If I can make it down to Santos on the 10th I’ll let you know as well.

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