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      Currently my Pearl Izumi Quest shorts are wore out. I am looking to replace them and I want your opinions! I am open to shorts or bib shorts. Dollar for dollar which shorts offer the best chamois without breaking the bank…….?

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      I wear Pearl Izumi liner shorts ($32.99 Amazon) and I wear a pair of cheapo cargo shorts from Target over ’em. I am of the opinion that a person can never have too many pockets for storing “stuff” when cycling.

      …BTW the Pearl Iz liner shorts are awesome!; still comfortable after multiple 20+ mile days on trails like Ellicotville, Allegrippis, Douthat and Pocahontas.  Of course your mileage may vary.

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        I don’t wear baggies when I ride so a liner wouldn’t be an option for me.

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      I keep an eye on the sale bin at ZOIC.COM

      Often you can find a great deal on Ether shorts w/without the liner.   Granted the color selection might be limited, but I found a red pair for $ 25.  They were a bit loud,  but after a few rides and washing they look fine.

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      I’m a big fan of bib shorts. Otherwise, everyone who rides behind me gets to see my plumber’s crack. Or maybe we should start calling it biker’s crack!

      Either way, bib shorts stay in place much better for me, which makes them more comfortable. I have a pair of PI bib shorts I bought 4 or 5 years ago that’s still my go-to pair. They were pricey ($150-200?) but with the amount of use I’ve gotten out of them, worth the price.

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      I have employed many different chamois styles over the years from the crazy expensive (Castelli/Assos) to the not so much (keep reading). I prefer bib shorts that I wear baggies over except when I am riding on the road. The Performance Elite bibs are by far the most durable, comfortable and inexpensive set up I have owned. I have a couple of them and they remain bulletproof after tons of rides and washings. They’ve outlasted bibs costing 3X as much. They’re ugly and not fancy, but who cares as they are hidden beneath shorts or at least a jersey. BTW, the Elite model the least expensive one they sell actually is more comfortable than their own more expensive offerings. The more expensive Ultra model looks nicer, but was not as comfortable and fell apart.

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