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      Rode about 35 miles on the road yesterday, still looking for some dirt, but it is kind of hard to find here. I am loving the new clip-less pedals and I can see a huge improvement in my riding and climbing. I can also make small bunny hops now that I was unable to do previously. So that being said I got carried away hopped off a curb and wrenched my back a bit. I am 37, and have had some problems with my back before. It was not bad and I was able to ride the rest of the day, just very sore. Here is the question, what are some exercises I can do that will strengthen my core muscles, protect my back and keep me in the saddle instead of on the couch with a heat pack on my back? Also are there any exercises that are helpful to riding in general.

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      This article: … r-cyclists

      or this video:

      Should hopefully get you pointed in the right direction. Back injuries are miserable so take it easy to not make an already weakened state even worse.

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      Thanks very helpful.


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      Great timing! I was just thinking about this myself. Like the article starts out, my legs are in great shape, but I need to work on my core some more. I’m skinny, so hopefully these will help me tone it up and help me kick my friends a$$e$ 😼

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      Wow, just watched the Carmichael Video. Yeah that’ll get you in shape! 😆

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      Focus on hips as well. Most ppl have weak hips (e.g. abductor). I have gotten some foam roller for back and ITB as well as the resistance bands.

      Check out the yoga back workouts. I’ve been doing them myself recently. Not sure how helpful they are but the women are hot.

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