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      This chick is awesome,road bike but still great.

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      Yeah GALAXY,that IS awsome…..And yes,you wouldnt want to mess with too many thugs or somthing could happen.But that is soo cool that she wanted her bike back bad enough to outwit the peice of dirt that stole her bike in the first place 😄 😄 😄

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      how cool is that.

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      Haha, that’s awesome! Way to be! 😼 😼

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      Quick thinking! Just imagine how easy it might have been if she had planned it: Have a friend come with you to drive the getaway car, go for a test ride and meet your friend around the block at the car.

      One of my buddies had his custom painted mountain bike stolen a few years ago and about a month or two afterward he’s driving down the street and sees a kid riding it. He and a friend jump out of the car, confront the kid, and take the bike right out from under him. Vigilante justice – sometimes it’s the best you can hope for!

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      That is the best news story I’ve read in a while. Pure awesomeness.

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      That’s how we roll here in the Rockies!

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      GO GIRL! 😄 Later,

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      1 for the good guys (gal)
      0 for the bad guys.

      I would have loved to hear what the thief was thinking when she just rode off with the bike.

      "damn someone just stole my stolen bike!"

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      I thought about this some more and realized this could have really backfired for her. I mean, in the end the thief confessed to the cops but if he didn’t, it’s not like he had her bike anymore so what could they charge him with? It would be his word against hers. Plus, now he’d know what she looked like, etc. and might want to retaliate for a) duping him and b) reporting him to the cops.

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      The "right" way to do it is 1) have current pictures of your bike. 2) record your bike’s serial number in a safe place. 3) schedule the meet with the seller/thief and 4) coordinate with the cops to meet you there.

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