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    I have a Giant Tallon 3 2019. Is it possible to convert my hubs to a through axle? Right now they are quick release. The hubs are Giant tracker sport.

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    Not sure about these wheels specifically, but if they are convertible the 9mm QR end caps may be held in place with magnets, which makes them easy to remove. (In fact, they often fall out on accident whenever you remove the wheel.) It’s also possible the end caps are screwed in place, so try unscrewing them.

    Since this is a pretty entry-level bike, I doubt the hubs can be converted to thru axle, but it’s definitely worth checking.

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    Do you want to use these wheels on a bike that uses thru axles?

    Or, are you trying to use thru axles on your current frame and wheelset?

    because the only way to use thru axles is to have thru axle drop outs on the frame and matching thru axle compatible hubs.

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    Instead of trying to upgrade axles (not possible in rear, would require a new fork in front) and headset etc… I’d just save for a sweet new bike with exactly what you want. IMO a better investment in the long run.

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