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      Hello, I bought a Specialized Hardrock to take friends and my dad mountain biking. We are having issues with the chain dropping and this is because the previous owner took the front derailleur and largest front chain ring off (I have no clue why because the shifter and brake are integrated). Anyway do you suggest I get a narrow wide chain ring, a chain guide, or put a new front derailleur on?

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      Your pics aren’t working for me so sorry if this doesn’t make sense.

      Several options:

      Cheapest:  If you have the old chainring, put it back on and get a front derailleur.  You can find them quite cheap.  This makes the most sense with that particular bike imo.

      Next cheapest:  Get a narrow-wide (N/W) ring.  If you don’t ride bumpy stuff, I’ve personally found this works better than the $ for a clutch rear derailleur (which I’m assuming this bike doesn’t have).

      Stupid money:  Get a N/W ring and a new rear derailleur with a clutch.  While you’re at it, upgrade the brakes so you no longer have a front shifter that is, of course, soooo unsightly and has no street cred.  How embarrassing.  Don’t forget to dress in color-and-brand-coordinated clothing when you ride.


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      What narrow wide chain rings would you suggest?

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      There really isn’t much difference between brands.  Just make sure it fits the crank and is the right tooth count for you.

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