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      I have two bikes–a hardtail 1×9 and a FS 2×10. I finally realized the reason I’m riding the hardtail more often is because of the gears–I miss that middle ring on my FS bike. So it’s time to go 1×10!

      I’m working with a SRAM X0 2×10 crankset. SRAM has a "1×10 conversion kit" listed on their website but I don’t think it actually exists (I had the guy at my LBS call up QBP and they said they never heard of it).

      It looks like the best option is to find a 32t ring that can be bolted in place of the smaller ring and a bash guard that can bolt in place of the bigger ring. Or should I consider skipping the bash guard and bolting a 32t right onto the big ring spot and leaving the inner threads open?

      As best I can tell, the inner ring has 80mm bcd spacing while the outer ring is 110mm which really seems to limit the choices for 32t rings. 😢

      Edit: I was hoping to order a 32t, 80mm bcd chainring from Homebrewed Components but the website doesn’t seem to be taking orders. Anyone know what’s up or know of an alternative supplier?

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      I found converting to 1×10 from 2×10 ( sram x7 crankset) to be a frustration fest.
      Unless yo have a type II rear derailuer you will have chain retention issues.
      You will need to address the issues with a non-ramped or other single ring specific chainring (sram xx1 is ridiculously over priced but other options are out there).
      You may need a chain guide, the bash ring may do the trick, but maybe not.

      I scrapped the project in frustration, stripped the frame, drank some beer, and went single speed which still needs some tweaking.

      The xx1 drivetrain is expensive but the narrow/wide chain ring technology is being "borrowed" by other companies and can be bought cheaper.

      Good luck.

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      I did it! I plan on writing this up for the blog but here’s the short version of what I did:

      Turns out the spider on the X0 cranks is removeable (same with the X9, though sadly not X7). I took off the spider and popped a North Shore Billet Direct Mount Chainring (32t). One and done.×10-d … hainrings/

      I run 1×9 on my hardtail and that bike initially dropped chains like a ghost in an attic. On that bike I slapped on an e13 XCX which cleared everything up. So I assumed I would need the same on the 1×10 or even better, a type 2 derailleur.

      After a test ride complete with long stair descents and bombing gravel dives, I couldn’t throw the chain–even without a chain retention device or a fancy derailleur. And last night I finally got a chance to go on a longish ride (20 miles) in the wet and still no issues. So I’m pretty sure the North Shore Billet ring is magic. 😀

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