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      Just a heads up to everyone that we’re gearing up for a big contest that starts Monday! This contest will focus on reviews–products, trails, bike shops, etc. so if you were thinking of adding some reviews, hold off until next week! Sponsored by Giro, JensonUSA, and Scott Bikes.

      This will serve as the official contest thread for any questions or comments.

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      So i’m on the page that i was redirected to via the email, and its displaying review suggestions based on items that are in my gear list. I went to review a product and after submitting, noticed that i’d already reviewed it.

      Look like you can review the same item twice, just letting you know.

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      Ah, good catch–we’ll fix so it only shows items you haven’t reviewed yet. Still, ok to post follow up reviews if it’s been a while. 😀

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      So our hope with this contest was that altruism would be a decent motivator… turns out we were slightly off. 😀 Our best guess was we’d be able to get 1000 reviews in a week which would mean $1000 raised for charity but as of today (about the halfway mark) we’re only at 100ish reviews. In past contests where prizes were involved we generally receive well over 1000 reviews! Lesson learned.

      But here’s the thing: the "special recognition" we mentioned in the contest promo materials is actually prizes for the top reviewers. We have a couple $200 cycling jackets and apparel from Giro plus other assorted surprises for those who help us raise funds. And as always, those who earn 30 Singletracks points (just 15 reviews) earn a free Singletracks Pro membership for a year.

      C’mon, we know things are slow at work for the holidays. Take a few minutes to review trails and gear to help two great causes!

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      Truth be known…. I didn’t even see this until today 😮

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      Thanks for putting up the contest. It’s raining here in Dallas, the trails have been closed all week and work is slow as molasses. I’m glad I was able to put in a lot of reviews and help raise the money for good causes. Also, FYI…I started reviewing before I noticed there were actual prizes. But, that’s always a nice perk. While on the subject….I’m a Med in men’s tops/jackets, 30 on shorts and 9 or 43.5 in shoes. Tell Giro that I really like those Privateer’s in a black. Just sayin’…….and Scott, love the Sparks. Jenson, you guys know what I like as there’s always a few items in my cart at all times. If I’ve left out any other sponsors, forgive me.

      Seriously, what a great time of year for the contest and I am glad to be able to help raise money.

      Can’t wait to see the final results of everything.


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      Congrats to our top fundraisers!

      chetatkinsdiet $109
      rsb201 $106
      chuckpelley $82
      ryno131 $52
      chrizzle $33

      We’ll send an email to the top five with instructions for claiming a prize. Thanks to all who participated and helped us raise funds for these non-profits!

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