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      What is it with us Humans! Why can’t we be content.
      I built this about two months ago.

      But I have been looking at this:


      and this:


      I really like blue and I could possibly go for an orange one as well. I only have about 400 usd in my bike right now. So I ask again, what is it that makes us so discontent with what we have? There is nothing wrong with my frame, I am not riding enough heavy trails to warrant a full suspension bike. Remarkably I was 87 dollars under the budget I had set for my bike and that includes clipless pedals and shoes. Logically I have no need of another frame, and yet… I still want.

      This afternoon I grabbed my bike, did some short trails, got a little muddy and then trekked over to the LBS which has a bike tub and allows customers to wash their bikes. I gave it a good scrub down, oiled the chain, then went to the local market and did some shopping for the family.

      The thing that I realized is my bike is perfectly fine, in fact I love it. It was great on the trail, I enjoyed cleaning it, and there is nothing wrong with black and orange. I just need to get firmly in my head that I should ride what I got, and be content. I think we could all use a reminder that in life it is not what we have or don’t have that makes us happy, its making the most of what we do have and enjoying that.

      I am going to ride my bike, and enjoy it.

      I will still probably look, but I am content with what I have.

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      How do only have $400 in that bike? I just dropped $250 on brakes, on a huge sale, and my bike is almost 20 years old. Are you missing a zero?

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