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      Hey everyone,

      So I am interviewing for a few jobs around the country and one of those is near Brigham City, UT. As an avid mountain biker in Florida, I am very excited about the possibility of heading out West for some mountains. My question is, are there any really epic trails relatively close to Brigham City or Ogden? Any must ride areas that would be worth taking a job for over a similar job on my current side of the country? I’ve looked at the trail map but it is hard to tell what is really worth riding and what is just a track of dirt… If you all could send some local knowledge my way that would be appreciated!


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      I’m not familiar with Brigham City, but I’ve spent a ton of time in Ogden with the bike. There are indeed epics to be had in the area, most notably the Southern Skyline and Northern Skyline Trails. The Southern Skyline climbs 3k ft in about 8 miles then descends almost that far in a much shorter distance. At the bottom, you can connect with the Northern Skyline which is just a tad shorter, but steeper and rockier. They can be combined for a mega epic all day hammer fest.

      There are plenty of other, less epic but very fun trails to be had. If you’re in Ogden, you can ride the Ogden portion of the Bonneville Shoreline Canyon right from town. The Snowbasin area has excellent cross country and lift served trails. The area around Pineview Reservoir has many seldom explored trails as well for the adventurous.

      If you’re in Brigham City, you’re about the same distance from Logan as from Ogden. Logan has a bunch of great rides as well. Ogden is closer to Salt Lake City with the epic Wasatch Crest and Park City with over 400 miles of singletrack!

      If the immediate surroundings don’t keep you stoked, just think about the weekend opportunities:
      Moab, 4 hrs
      Fruita, 4 1/2 hrs
      St George (as good as Moab IMO) 4 1/2 hrs
      Vernal (an awesome up and comer) 3 1/4 hrs.

      Check out my recent blogs on riding in Southern Utah: … reenhorns/ … rch-rocks/

      These are just the first two installments–there are four more to go.

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      Thanks for the info, John! Looking forward to riding out there

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      Moving out that way this weekend!

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