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      My girlfriend started riding with me a few weeks back she has been doing really good until last week I took her to a intermediate st. She crashed about halfway through got up laughed it off, then about a mile later she took a pretty good digger we walked for a ways after that. She doesn’t want to ride st for awhile what’s the best way to help her get her confidence back up? We ride around the block a few times a week but I’m trying to figure out a way to get her to push herself any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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      Leave her alone and let her figure it out on her own time.  Voice of experience.

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      If you have access to a fat bike in her size try that.  My wife had confidence issues starting out and was able to work her way back by using a friends fat bike.  Huge tires have a way of inspiring confidence and making the experience enjoyable again.  Good luck!

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      Yeah I’m letting her do her own thing just looking for ways to help her. The fat bike is a good idea my buddy has one I could borrow I’ll give that a shot! Thanks

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      I agree with the fat bike suggestion. I think I became more aggressive as a rider since I ride a fattie, specially on downhill. Cant tell you how many times it saves my skin for my dumb line selection.

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      Fat for sure! Or a plus is also great for the confidence. I do stuff on my fatty I would not even have thought of doing on the flash. I have become a better rider on the skinny bike also.


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