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      So, I am looking for my first real hardtail bike to get more serious in moutain biking. I have come down to a Cannondale F7 Disc and a Giant Yukon. Its all about the components now and I was just wondering which components are better……(Cannondale on left, Giant on right);

      Front derailleurs: Shimano Altus…vs…Shimano Acera

      Rear Derailleurs: SRAM SX4…vs…Shimano Deore

      Shifters: SRAM X4…vs…Shimano Alivio Rapidfire

      Crank and Bottom bracket: FSA…vs…TruVativ

      Brakesets: Shimano BR-M415…vs…Hayes MX-4

      I know these are all beginner/entry level parts. Just knowing which of the two for each part is better, if any, would help in my decision. I’ve read that it doesn’t even matter for this low of components, but some say it does. I’m just curious to what anybody else has to say.

      Which of each set would be better? And or does it even matter?
      Thank! 😃

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      Just adding my two cents but…how about test riding both and go with the one that feels most comfortable.

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      find a way to swap those Hayes onto the Cannondale and take it! haha

      I personally think you can’t get any better that SRAM
      and although TruVativ makes good stuff I used to run FSA on my BMX rides and they make BOMBER components

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      "zombi" wrote

      find a way to swap those Hayes onto the Cannondale and take it! haha

      I personally think you can’t get any better that SRAM

      I agree with zombi on that, SRAM is definitely the gold here. But that’s just what I think.

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      And to confuse the issue I have to disagree. I love the Shimano componets. I have had everything form Alivio on the entry to the XT’s that I run now. SRAM makes a good product but I suppose it is brand loyalty (similar to Ford vs. Chevy or something). And although I also prefer the Giant I have to agree with test riding and seeing what feels best for you…

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      Well I have test ridden both. The Cannondale was very nice, solid, great shifters, and derailleurs from what I experienced in the 5 mins I was ridding it. I went to the other shop and test road the Giant. It did not seem as solid as the Cannondale. the brakes didn’t have enough lee way. although the shop had it sitting in the back for awhile and said it hadn’t been tuned or anything.

      and thats another thing. The shop with the cannondale seems to service my needs and cares more about me getting a good bike, than just selling me one. (if you get what i mean) And that bike shop is owned by a real old biker guy, who seems to put his bikes together with more care, not by some kid. lol. (i’m even a "kid" and i understand)

      Thanks for the advice, I guess I am leaning more toward the Cannondale now. Still wanna check out another bike shop that sells Giant before my final decision.

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