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      Can someone please lend me some advice??? I just ordered a Trek 8500 frame to build up for racing. I do not want throw the frame geometry off so I want to put on an 80mm fork. I have been looking at the Reba Team and the R7 Platinum. The Fox F80 RL has been crossing my mind as well. Has anyone used them before?

      Brakes are my next problem area. I have been looking at the Hayes HFX9 Carbon and the Avid BB7. My LBS suggested the Magura Marta SL but after reading reviews I am scared that they will require a ton of upkeep. I am not trying to break the bank on brakes either.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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      For your fork, I’d suggest either the Fox or Reba Team. Both are very good forks, although if you’re concerned about $$$, go with the Reba.

      I’ve got to agree with your LBS on Magura….. Although if you’re racing, I’d steer you towards the Julies. They have pretty dang near the same power, and mine have been absolutely trouble free in over a year of hard riding. The price on Magura pads has come down a lot, and though they are a little more expensive than Avid/Hayes/Shimano, they are fully worth it.
      Magura brakes are completely silent, will stop you NOW if you want, and are a snap to maintain…. plus I’m a big fan of the mineral oil Magura uses instead of that caustic DOT crap…. And their customer service is AWESOME.

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      I had the R7 and Did not like it. I have a Reba team on my EX9 now and it works very well.

      ON the breaks , I would steer clear of the maguras just cause of the maintainence issues. When we see a magura system that comes in to the shop we play ,ROCK -PAPER- SCISSORS , loser bleeds or services the Maguras… I really like the Hayes carbons, But Avid makes some killer stuff too.

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      I’ve HEARD of problems with Magura, but I’ve seen very few myself.

      A grand majority of XC bikes here come OEM with either Julies or Martas, and both of the LBS’s that we’ve frequented here strongly recommend Magura as both a company and a manufacturer, even though they are not Magura dealers. The guys that I’ve ridden with all run Magura, and I saw one of ’em literally cook the pads on his Louise brakes. He burned himself really good taking them out, but once he threw a new set of composites on there, he OTB’d really good. I’d hazard to say his rotors were warping long before his pads started giving out.

      My one biggest gripe about Magura brakes is the hard-plastic reservoir cover. On the new 2006 models, they are shaped and recessed a lot better, but I think on a really hard digger, the cover might get damaged.
      When I got my Gustav Ms, one of the master-cyl covers was not tightened down enough, and it started leaking fluid. As of yet, that’s it.

      My wife’s Fisher came with the new Avid Carbons, and those are some SWEET brakes. I’d make those my second recommendation.

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      I have had good luck with a Fox fork for four years just a little oil on the wippers once a month. We use Avid BB’s on all our bike.

      After watching our LBS fight leakers and set up problems with all the fluids. Gave up a little power maybe for something that works all the time which leaves more ride time 😃 Just use Flak jacket cables which have very little compresion.

      Most locals have all been making the change over to BB’s.

      Riding is life all else is waiting

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      This is what I have decided to go with:

      Rock Shox Reba Team Dual Air 85/100/115
      Bontrager Race Disc TL Wheels
      Bontrager Race Lite Cranks
      Bontrager Race Lite Saddle
      Bontrager Race X Lite Carbon Post
      Bontrager Race X Lite Stem
      Bontrager Race XXX Lite Carbon Riser Bars
      Shimano XT Front and Rear Dearailers
      Shimano XT Shifters
      Shimano XT Cassette
      Shimano XTR Chain
      Hayes HFX 9 Carbon Brakes w/ 6″ Rotors
      Continental Vertical Pro Tires

      I will post some pics in a couple weeks when it is built.

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