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    How long does your bike commute have to be before you put on your full riding gear? I always go back and forth on this… interested to hear what other people think…

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    For me, anything under 4 miles is street clothes territory (sneakers on clipless pedals, jeans, etc.)

    Between 4 and 6 miles, I’ll want to switch to clipless shoes unless my commuter happens to have flats on it (it rarely does.)

    More than 6 miles? I’ve never had a bike commute this far, but if I did I think I’d want to at least wear a pair of bike shorts or pants, depending on the weather. At that distance, I’ll definitely be wet with sweat by the time I arrive!

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    My current commute is 6 miles each way. What I wear is completely dependent on the bike I grab on the way out the door, and the weather. Road or gravel bike? I’m clipping in, wearing a jersey and non-padded cycling shorts. Mountain bike? Same jersey, whatever shorts are cleanish and maybe clipped in depending on what pedals are on it and how cold it is.

    I used to ride 11 miles each way to work and it was on my gravel bike, clipped in and full cycling gear every time so I didn’t arrive in a puddle of sweat.

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    I generally go full gear any time since my commute has options to extend–need to be ready whenever the gnar calls!

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    Full on but the shoes, regardless of travel time.

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    Bike shorts always.  Usually full kit.  My commute is 5 miles with an all bike path 7 mile option as well.  On the way home I might just throw a t-shirt on (if my kit is stinky) or if I’m running errands or grabbing some coffee on the way I might as well.  We do have an ebike at work I can use so if I go grab lunch I usually hop on that in regular clothes but with a helmet.

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    My commute is only 2.1 miles so I wear full business attire (dress shirt, slacks, shoes).  I’m moving next week and my commute will jump to 6.2 miles. If it’s cool (under 75) I’ll probably stick with full business garb, over 75? I don’t know. I don’t like the idea of having to pack for & change at work…..I’ll have to think about this.


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