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      Hi All,

      I couldn’t find many reviews about this bike, curious as to what people think of it. I think I’ve decided on this bike, as I don’t really need a full suspension. I like the 27.5+ tire size, I’m just curious as if this bike will climb okay. The tracks I ride are nothing fancy, they have climbs and descents, but no huge jumps. The head angle on this bike is 65 degrees with 140mm up front travel. Just curious if this thing would be too difficult to climb well. It would be a large from as I am 6’1.

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      While I haven’t ridden a Meta HT AM, I currently ride a 2017 Orange Crush, and the two bikes are very similar. Looking at the geometry, the Orange has slightly longer reach and chainstays, making the wheelbase a few millimeters longer. The Commencal’s seat tube angle is steeper by one degree putting the saddle more directly over the pedals, which is good for climbing.

      I have been extremely happy with the Orange overall; it does climb well for the type of bike it is, but you do have to put in some effort. This is no xc bike, and it has a pretty relaxed seating position. It is very stable over technical climbs and can claw its way to the top of most reasonable trails if you’ve got the legs and lungs for it. The Commencal should climb just fine but don’t expect to be winning any uphill races on it, that’s just not the kind of riding it was designed for.

      When I was shopping for a new bike I heavily considered the Meta HT AM. Although I really love my Orange, I think that the Commencal looks like a really fun bike too. And I’d be interested to see if and how plus tires accentuate a bike like that.

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