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      More than anything this is a word of advice and a beckon for attention to all those out there that are considering buying a Commencal bike.

      I bought a NEW Commencal meta v3 650b essetial 2016. The model is 2016 but was advertised as New on the website. Now I must say I bought it online and I am here in Europe, France.

      Well the bike came out of the box defective!! The brakes sram db5 we’e rubbish, at the first attempt to adjust they locked at the pull of the lever and they never returned to its position, ┬áboth of them locking both wheels! It’s been more than a week since it was delivered and i still can’t ride it! Now I understand that the component is made by Sram and not commencal but Commencal put the bike together and had several days after ordering to check that everything was in order. This talks about the work ethics of the company no matter where since the company is ONE with representatives all around.

      If some one had checked, ┬ájust one pull of the lever would have been enough to catch the problem but obviously they did not and that’s what I want to point out, the poor work ethics and professionalism of whoever in which hand’s the company is putting its name. I mean what can I expect from a company that can’t even do a basic check of a product before shipping? If that is the case what kind of care do they put to build their frames? People are putting their lives in the line trusting that a company will do its job and do it well! Not poorly.

      Besides that costumer service is not good either since its been a week and still waiting for New brakes, no apologize from the company and no willingness to solve the problem quickly as if I am asking a favor as if I didn’t pay 2000 euros for a bike that was rubbish out of the box! Because the company could just do a simple check, that says the company or the people they hire do not care and are not commited to what they do which is really disappointing.

      All and all be careful before buying these bikes or go to a store where you can make sure the technicians know what they are doing and are serious; the representative here in Europe is NOT so be aware for those here in Europe and why not elsewhere since the company is only one…


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      They are a French company. Would of thought you would get better service being in France.

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      That’s interesting although I thought it was, in their frames they make reference to Andorra and so I thought they were from there.

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      That is disappointing.

      I can understand the brake issue, but the customer service response is the part that is unacceptable. Since it’s a previous model year bike it’s possible the bike was sitting in the box for a while so the brakes probably need a bleed. I’m guessing it was assembled and packed in the box in 2016 (or 2015 since that’s when the bikes would have arrived) and they figured it was ready to go since it was already boxed.

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      That definitely sucks but I think you’re being overly harsh. If your perceived attitude translates into how you called them about the issue, I can see why they’re not going out of their way (quickly) to help you. Like all things, you have to help yourself a bit.

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