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      Hey, I was wondering if I could get some recommendations for some good, comfortable knee pads for larger legs. I tried the Fox Launch XL’s and they weren’t even close to fitting. I keep crashing and got to find some before I really hurt myself. Thanks. -Al

      P.S. skatepark+fat bike×puddles=ouch!



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      I ride downhill and XC. For downhill I would recommend going with Poc or IXS and for cross country I would recommend going with G Form. The pads are pretty stretchy so if you get large it can fit your  large legs.

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        I had G Forms and hated them.  I found they didn’t conform to my knees at all.  I have had a couple pair of POC and they really fit well on my large legs.  I recently got a pair of Scott Soldier II knee pads and had to size down to medium so they do fit big.  They are amazingly comfortable and cool (for knee pads) even on long rides.  What I did was go to all the LBSs and try on as many pads as possible.

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      I like my G-form they even provide a bit of compression.

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      I have keg legs and found the 7iDP pads to fit great.

      7iDP Transition Knee Pads Review

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      @AaronChamberlain: “I have keg legs…”

      Ha! Me too although I call them “Sprinter Legs” just to put a little bit of gleam on my beleaguered genetics.

      The Dakine Slayers or Hellions (if you want something more macho) fit awesome. No chaffing and they never move during my rides.

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      +1 on G-Form–stay tuned for my reviews dropping on Friday!

      The one key with the G-Form pads is to measure twice before you plunk down your $$ and ideally, try before you buy.

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      If you’re not looking for pro downhiller level protection, I found these to be highly comfortable and providing adequate coverage.  I also have beefy legs, so fit is a challenge.


      Review: Minimalist Armor From Bliss



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      The G-forms are decent too and I agree with Mr Heil about the fit. They really are not so good at taking hard impacts or nasty wipe-outs. I wore them a couple of years ago and they worked well in preventing scrapes from minor tumbles and wash-outs, but they ripped to shreds on an ugly yard sale I had on Heartbreak. My daily drivers ( I wear knee armor on all off road rides) are the aforementioned Dakines and I reach for Raceface Ambush knees when things get nasty.

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      +1 on G-Form! I also agree to try them on for good fit before you buy.

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      Bought IXS Carve and can’t rave enough about them. A little pricey but one more bad shot my left knee and it’s new knee time. So far so good. Also notice Phil Kmetz wears them and with the way he shreds, they gotta be good.

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      I have gotten older I have reluctantly given up the idea of cute flip flop shoes for summer….. but since finding these I no longer have to sacrifice style for health! I just ordered for the second time as my first pair has lasted me 3 years and could still make it through at least one more summer! I highly recommend if orthofeet have not tried these yet. I wish my younger self knew to care for my feet and not live in flip flops. I believe my experience will be as good as the last order I was happy with!

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      Not sure of the protection level you are after, but Alpinestars Paragon knee pads are working well for my trail rides. You’ll need to consult their fit charts.

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      For Trail/AM/enduro rides I use Fox Launch Enduro pads, I am really happy with them. Very comfortable, I pedal with them without knowing they are therre, very good breathability.

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