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      Discuss mountain bike trails and locations in Colorado and get the latest updates on trail conditions here. Send a PM to trek7k if you would like to be considered for the Colorado forum moderator position (don’t forget to include the name of the state you would like to moderate).

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      The trails here now that the rain has continued without let-up are nearly unridable. Between the wash-outs and horses, some sections of trail in Palmer Park and on Gold Camp are toast.
      The mud was especially bad in Palmer park.

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      Palmer Park is always crappy after rain or snow — just too much mud. Head for Cheyenne Canyon or Rampart Reservoir when things are wet. All that granite drains quick.

      Today I rode Monument Fire Center and didn’t have any trouble. In fact, it was pretty good! 😃

      Now to patch up those holes at Palmer Park that we have been so carefully fixing over the last few months… 😢

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      If anyone ever wants an Apex/Green Mountain status report, drop me a note. These are in my back yard and I bike/hike them regularly.


      [email protected]

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      How much rain in Ft. Collins today (Sat.) 24 March? Will anything be rideable tomorrow?

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      Indian Creek and Apex’s Enchanted forest have fallen trees all over them. I heard Apex is clear now, but I don’t think Indian Creek is clear yet. 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢

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      Segment 1 of the Colorado Trail (Waterton to South Platte) is closed to biking until over 250 trees crossing the trail are cleared. That may be the same for Indian Ck. Volunteer crews are heading up tomorrow and Friday, but I doubt that they’ll be able to clear all the trees in that period of time.

      They were actively clearing Segment 2 last weekend. It was odd to run into so many downed trees on the way up and next to none on the way down last Saturday.

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      Hey, if any of the trails open up and dry out during the winter, please post. I’d like to get a ride or two in while the snow is out in Laramie.

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      Just rode Pueblo South Shore yesterday…There was very little mud and only snow/ice in a couple of the shaded, narrow canyons. Plus, it was almost 70 degrees! 😛 The trailhead was crowded but the trails weren’t.

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      It is amazing how in the last year Pueblo has rocketed into the awareness of front range riders. Last year there would usually be a handfull of cars parked at the red gate or other parking areas; this year, on any weekend day with decent weather there are dozens of cars.

      Just goes to show what can happen when bike trails get built by bikers — people actually enjoy riding them and will travel for hours to do it. I will gladly pass by places like Cheyenne Mountain to go to Pueblo. To me it’s worth it to spend an extra hour in the car to go some place where the trails are fun to ride. I plan on going down many more times this winter.

      Kudos to the guys who have spent hours and hours hacking those trails out of the gullies and canyons on the south shore. They really have done an outstanding job.

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      Interested in going to pueblo dude,let me know where the trails are and i’ll be there.sounds like a barrell o’fun.

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      You can find a map here. (I once tried to post it as a "photo" on the trail review page but it didn’t work — I guess .PDF files don’t qualify.) Most people park at the "Red Gate" since it is the most convenient spot to go in, but it isn’t really a formal parking area. The state park would prefer you park in the regular parking lot. I usually park down by the Pedro’s Point trailhead.

      I definitely recommend it, at least in the winter. It isn’t as good as, say, Fruita or Buffalo Creek, but this time of the year it is great.

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      Pueblo south shore, used to be the best kept secret of Colorado, but now the word is out. We have worked many years on this project. So, to read all the good things about it is rewarding and exciting!!! We hope to have continued success by adding a new loop. Updates as they become available. Happy trails….

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      Is there any report on Fruita trail conditions. A few of us are thinking of heading down next weekend (March 15-19). I heard it was muddy a few weeks ago, but have the trails dried out?

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      "dauw" wrote

      Is there any report on Fruita trail conditions. A few of us are thinking of heading down next weekend (March 15-19). I heard it was muddy a few weeks ago, but have the trails dried out?

      dont forget fat tire fest at the end of april too 😀

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      …but spring break is, unfortunately, only during one week of the semester at UW. I can’t believe they don’t have two weeks off, with one during Fruita FTF. 😢

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      I texted my buddie in fruita and he said there ARE some dry trails,although it is supposed to rain wednesday and thursday he said so who knows if there will be any dry trails this weekend(the 15th.).
      man I hate to be the bearer of bad news,and I dont think I can spell either.damn it. 😕

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