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      I am almost finished with plans for our Colorado Trail do-it-all adventure this year. One stage still causes some trouble as we do not intend to take camping gear with us:
      We plan to rest one day in Maysville (end of segment 14). The following four segements do not show any lodge, B&B or hotel close to the trail and 100miles with 12.000f elevation gain is a bit too tough for one day…..
      Any idea on where to overnight near segment 117/18 (North Pass)?
      Thanks, regards

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      Hmmm, I think you are right — I don’t know of anything along that stretch either. I haven’t traveled that part of the trail, but I do believe the wole Cochetopa section is out in the middle of nowhere. I have a Trails Illustrated map for that section and it doesn’t show any structures within miles of the trail from highway 50 thru North Pass. You may need to rethink camping out for that section.

      Btw, what are your plans for getting around the La Garita Wilderness?

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      I will follow the recomended detours. The trail book and the GPS data describe a pretty long detour starting from Cochetopa Pass to Molas Pass. O.k. – almost one forth of the whole Colorado trail but better than too much hike-a-bike or forbidden trails. As I interpret the data the first available lodges / B&Bs are at Lake City. This is about 120miles from maysville. A bit too much for one day (at least for me an my wife…….). I would like to split this part in at least two – better three stages but I haven´t found any available guest houses / farms on the map or the internet.
      Thanks again for any ideas – I would really hate to skip part of it!

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      Yeah, I don’t see any good day-long routes thru there. Creede would be better than Lake City, but you have wilderness in the way, so you can’t get there.

      I suppose you could bail out at Marshal Pass, go down to Sargents and then work your way back in, but then you will miss even more of the trail.

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      o.k. – not so easy. Marshall Pass to Sargents is about 15 miles with 3000f elevation loss/gain.
      Does possibly anyone know of any B&Bs or farm houses along the trail or near the trail that rent simple rooms for one night?

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